Context Behaviours Digest

I’m not sure how much more I’ll be writing about context behaviours (no, I still haven’t really decided between context steering and context behaviours), so I’ve made this post as a way to wrap everything up.

I started by discussing exactly where and why steering behaviours start to break down:

Steering Behaviours are Doing It Wrong

I then explain how context steering (see) fixes these problems:

Context Behaviours Know How To Share

I made both of these blog posts into a talk at GDC 2013 (see second half of video) as well as going into much more depth in an AIGameDev broadcast.

Finally I compare context-map-based navigation (no?) to an old paper, which seems superficially similar:

DAMN Behaviours and Context Steering

I’ll update this post with any more articles and how they fit in.


2 thoughts on “Context Behaviours Digest

  1. Hi, I found your blog whilst doing some research on current state of steering behaviours. An article I read recently came to mind. I’m not sure how similar it is (I haven’t looked at either system in detail yet), but it might be worth a comparison too. They also mention DAMN as being similar to their work.

    “Fast, Neat, and Under Control: Arbitrating Between Steering Behaviors” – AI Game Programming Wisdom 3
    Heni Ben Amor, Jan Murray, and Oliver Obst
    the abstract is listed here under Section 3: Movement:

    and here is a link I found to their paper (which is very similar to the article in the book):

    Click to access shortsteering.pdf

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