Remote Working at Spry Fox slides

Here are my annotated slides to last week’s GDC talk. The attendance was good and the vibe I got was that people enjoyed it! Last year I (eventually) screencasted my unit testing talk and put it on youtube; I’ll update the blog if I get around to the same with this. It’ll also be on the GDC value soon, and I’ll ask if they’ll make it a free talk.


2 thoughts on “Remote Working at Spry Fox slides

  1. Hey, great talk!
    Didn’t get to chat with you afterwards, as I was in a hurry, will probably send some questions your way via mail though.

    Thanks for posting the slides, it’ll be easier to share the talk with the rest of the team that way.
    I was originally confused by the “bi-weekly” company call and 1-on-1, as I didn’t knew if it meant twice a month or twice a week. Turns out it can means both… So based on your notes and what you said, I assume it’s twice a week?

    If so, how longs does these lasts? Depending on Dave and Daniel’s posts that could take them quite some time easily it seems.

    • Oh I hadn’t thought about the bi-weekly ambiguity. It’s actually every two weeks. The company call can take 15-60 minutes depending on what there is to talk about. My one on ones take about an hour.

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