Public Speaking

GDC 2016

This year I ran three roundtables on Automated Testing, but they are not recorded.

GDC 2015

I’m speaking about how we do remote working at Spry Fox on the Wednesday morning, 11am, room 2020 west, and I’m also chairing a roundtable on automated testing on Thursday, 11.30am, room 123 north. EDIT: the remote working video is now on the GDC vault.

Falmouth University

I spoke for 30min about how Spry Fox prototypes its games, followed by about 20min of answers. The video is free to watch, more details here:

GDC 2014

I’m speaking about unit test worst practices at GDC 2014. Thursday, 11:30 am, South Hall room 304.

GamesWest 2013

GamesWest is a new one-day conference happening in Glasgow in December 2013. I’m going to be talking about how to get a job in the mainstream video game industry.

Develop 2013

I’m speaking at Develop this year with Lee Winder about our experiences converting a small team from perforce to git. I’m also appearing on an panel talking about how AI will change in the next generation of consoles. The conference is the 9th-11th of July, but no sessions have been scheduled yet.


I recently did a broadcast with Alex talking about context behaviours. It’s a much more in-depth version of my GDC talk.

GDC 2013

I spoke in two sessions:

The Next Vector: Improvements In Steering Behaviours where I talked about context behaviours and their application in racing games.

And the AI Summit’s always-popular Turning Rants session – in which I have a coughing fit as well as misjudge the material.


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